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Coming Soon: The Kindergarten Tinker Space!

This purposeful space is being built and organized to allow our Kindergarteners to create, collaborate, and experiment with various materials.

Kindergarteners can take items apart, put things together, and dream up imaginative creations. Teachers have labeled shelving spots assigned to each student so they can safely store and then revisit their designs over time. The goal is to support curiosity, innovation, free-thinking, and creativity in our future scientists, teachers, engineers, architects, surgeons, artists, and inventors!

We would like to thank Gillispie parent Tim Malatesta for building and installing the beautiful, wooden work bar in the Tinker Space. This 15 ft. work bar allows multiple students to tinker alongside one another with plenty of room to create. We would also like to thank Mr. Royer and Mr. Jason (who has joined Dave Abrams on our Facilities Team) for their help in installing this beautiful workstation.

If you would like to support the Kindergarten Tinker Space, the teachers have a list of items you can send in for them to use. They need: cardboard, paper, tape, fabric, felt, foam, ribbon, paper towel rolls, recycled containers, corks, bottle caps, yarn, stickers, legos, snap circuits, old circuit boards, old computers, loose wood parts, old tools, old board games, woodcraft sticks, velcro, magnets, toothpicks, skewers, chopsticks, glue, PVC pipes, and zip ties.

Thank you for helping us build a community of makers!

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