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Your gift makes a Gillispie education possible for every student.

At Gillispie, we believe that there is no greater pursuit than the social, emotional, and academic development of our children, and the School is run with this pursuit in mind. It is only with your generosity of spirit that we can make this learning village such a special place. 

Many don’t realize that while the investment in tuition for a Gillispie family is significant, it does not cover the actual cost to educate a student. In fact, between what it costs to educate each student and what is covered by tuition and other income streams, there remains a deficit of $3,000 for each student. This means every student at Gillispie is sponsored, even students who do not receive financial assistance.

Most independent schools charge similar amounts of tuition. What differentiates one school from another is philanthropy, which makes possible:

  •         innovative, customized programs
  •         invested and talented faculty
  •         a safe, green, and imaginative campus
  •         and an inclusive community

We encourage you to browse our site to learn about the different opportunities to support Gillispie children, from giving to volunteering. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

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Dana Irwin, Director of Advancement & Community Relations

(858) 459-3773 ext. 133

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