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Your gift to the Gillispie Annual Giving Drive is an investment in 260 students.

Every student at Gillispie benefits from your gift to the Gillispie Annual Giving Drive.

Just 80% of the cost of educating each student comes from tuition. The remaining amount required comes from your giving.

For this reason, we ask every family, and every member of the faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees to participate in our Annual Giving Drive. For fourteen years, we have had 100% participation. If you didnโ€™t already think Gillispie was a special community, you should now!

Your tax-deductible donation has a direct and immediate impact, supporting the distinguished programs that make our school exceptional and that provide each student with a foundation for success.

Please make Gillispie your philanthropic priority, and if possible, increase your donation each year. This ensures that we are always growing our most important source of outside revenue for the School.

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