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Pizza Making in Juniper

Juniper Learns How to Make a Great Slice!

Pizza Making in JuniperJuniper hosted grandparents and special guests, lovingly nicknamed “Hey-Hey” and “Dude”! This Juniper grandfather grew up in New York City, “home of the world’s best pizza”, and his mission was to teach the class how to make a great slice!

The grandparents came prepared with a pizza pan per child, homemade dough, and individually portioned cheese and sauce for the children.

Each child created a personal pizza pie! They rolled their dough, spread the sauce, and sprinkled the cheese. They even got to select their toppings. There was plenty from which to choose, including colorful peppers, black and green olives, ham, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and sausage!

Some of the children added four or five different veggies to their pie. Others went the “meat lovers” route, adding all three meat options. A few were hesitant and wanted to stick with cheese, but settled for one “surprise topping,” chosen by the teacher and buried under the cheese.

The pizzas were cooked our pizzas to perfection. The children enjoyed a slice with their lunch on the green zone for a picnic and again right before the end of the day.

We love having our families share their expertise with us. Thank you to Hey-Hey and Dude for this wonderful cooking experience in Juniper!

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