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Gillispie School Uniforms

Uniforms are required for Grades K-6 students and are available (but not required) for Early Childhood. Instructions for ordering can be found at this link

Uniform for Early Childhood Students

  • Students should be dressed comfortably and appropriately for indoor and outdoor activities. 
  • Tops need to cover the midriff, shoulders, and back. Floor-length dresses and skirts are not recommended.
  • Students are encouraged to wear comfortable shoes that fit properly and are easy to put on and take off, such as sneakers, sports shoes (such as Keens), or rubber-soled sandals. Students are required to wear sneakers or athletic shoes on P.E. days. Shoes with poor tread (such as Tom’s, flip-flops, cowboy boots, and ballet-style flats) are discouraged.

Uniform for Elementary Students

  • Lands’ End and Tommy Hilfiger are the School’s sole providers. 
  • Shorts and skirts/dresses must be longer than students’ fingertips resting at the side. 
  • Gillispie T-shirts that have been distributed for various events are permissible.
  • Footwear: Students are required to wear primarily solid-colored, low-top tennis shoes. 
  • Leggings: Leggings may be worn only when layered under other clothing (shorts and skirts/dresses) and must be navy, black, gray, or white.
  • Outerwear: Students are expected to wear Gillispie uniform outerwear (jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters). With inclement weather, they are permitted to wear non-uniform raincoats and heavy jackets. 
  • Only Gillispie baseball caps and sun hats are permissible. Hats and hoods may not be worn inside school buildings.

Please be sure to label all of your child’s clothing.

Steps for purchasing Gillispie School uniforms with Lands’ End:

  • Go to landsend.com
  • Navigate to the school section
  • Click Find My School
  • Search for Gillispie School’s uniform using our school code (900149121) or by entering our location
  • Register by adding your information and your child(ren)’s details
  • Begin shopping for the preselected Gillispie uniform items
Lands' End Uniforms

Steps for purchasing Gillispie School uniforms with Tommy Hilfiger:

  • Go to Gillispie’s ordering website
  • Select your student’s grade, gender, and program type
  • The website will automatically apply logo requirements (or options)
Tommy Hilfiger Uniforms
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