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Gillispie School / Spring Fundraiser

Thank you to our sponsors below!

Spring Fundraiser

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Our FUNdraiser, Boots & Bling, reminded us how much we can accomplish when our school community comes together. Boot-kicking and blinged-out, Gillispie’s parents and friends laughed, danced, and generously supported our school and children. We extend our gratitude to all attendees, sponsors, committee members, and staff for contributing to the success of this event and securing vital funding for our school’s future!

More information: Dana Irwin at [email protected] or at (858) 459-3773 ext. 133


DIAMOND BOLO – $10,000
Julie and Mark Scher- Cocktails and Appetizer Sponsor

Bon Coppel Family
Ashley and Ted Jacobs – Photography/Videographer
Kristine and James Shira- Faculty Sponsor

BRONZE STAR – $2,500
Clair Aragon and Alden Rothe – Class Art
Lauren and Kevin Carraher – Photo Booth
Helen Hall
Amanda and Ryan Hulett- Tablescape
Nancy and Ernst Rothe, Grandparents of Alexander Grade 1 – Dessert

WILD WEST – $1,000
Debora and Dave Burke
Katie and Matt Emery
Amanda and Eduardo Esquenazi
Matt Heath – Heath Benefit Partners
Jessica Jagir and Gaurav Sharma
Caitlyn and Rob Kneip
Mary and Jonathan Lischke
Alexis MacMillan
Melissa and Scott Murfey
Andrea and Zach Myers
Erin and Peter Preuss
Vidi Revelli – thisislajolla.com
Suarez Family
Parissa Tadrissi and Kevin Jenkins
Marcela Valladolid and Philip Button

PARA NeonLogo

Kelsey and Cami Chase
Kaiya and Tom Duerig
Viviana and Daniel Faga
Torrey and Kyle Leavy
Kathleen and Ken Lundgren
Erica and Dominik Naczynski
Erica Tsai and Mark Chen
Kristen and Trace Wilson

Bank of America Private Bank
Anisa Gandevivala and Tyler Bohm
Lydia Lundgren and Michael Porter
Darrow Milgrim
Aniela and Marian Naczynksi
Brian Pezze
Barbara Reiter
Bobbie and Joe Velasquez

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