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Gillispie’s Kindergarten provides a smooth transition bridging the early childhood and elementary school programs. We are dedicated to challenging our students to greater achievement while responding to each child individually. Understanding that play is the work of young children, we continuously encourage our children to grow both socially and academically throughout our busy days. Teachers of all the classes listed below plan and develop materials with a mind towards helping children discover the connections among all of the subjects and often engage students in cross-disciplinary project-based activities.


The processes of reading and writing go hand-in-hand, and many of the activities in Kindergarten address both of these skills. Guided by Lucy Calkins’ Phonics Program, as well as her Reading and Writing Workshops and Literacy Footprints Guided Reading, teachers use a variety of alphabet games, read-alouds, word-building activities, journaling, and more, to help children gain the foundations necessary to see themselves as readers and writers. As the school year progresses, they will become more comfortable with decoding and sounding out words, as well as recognizing key sight words. Throughout the year, we will continuously address both the phonetic nature of words as well as the deeper comprehension of text. Children will be continuously assessed and activities will be planned based on their individual development and needs.


Number sense, analytical and conceptual thinking, and problem-solving skills are taught through the use of the Singapore Math approach and other complementary programs. Using a hands-on and mental math approach, application of math concepts and skills are taught through a wide range of activities.

Social Studies and Science

Students study La Jolla, taking an in-depth look at our community and those that live and work here. Walking field trips to various places around the Village, including the tide pools, library, fire station, and post office, help children discover the details, workings, beauties, and challenges that exist in La Jolla.


Each week, students attend classes in science, art, music, Spanish, and physical education, so that they may develop an awareness of a wide range of content and practice and build essential skills.

Kindergarten at a glance

Educational Philosophy:
Social-constructivist inspired

Class Sizes:
8:1 or lower ratio

Full-day program  8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Extended Care (optional):
7:30-8 a.m. and 3:30-5:00 p.m.

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