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A Learning Village

Our Inspiring Surroundings 

With over sixty years situated in downtown La Jolla, Gillispie gains much from its locale. During the school day, the School takes advantage of walking field trips, including to nearby tide pools; its partnerships with institutions such as world–renowned University of California at San Diego; and its access to beautiful public parks, aquariums, and libraries. It truly is a learning village within the village of La Jolla.


Visiting Experts 

Recognizing adults and children as integral members of our community, we provide opportunities for all members to grow. Through outside experts invited to campus, parents learn about child development, internet safety, social media, nutrition, and the curricular programs taught at Gillispie. Likewise, during our assembly programs, students are inspired by award-winning photographers and travelers who widen our students’ horizons, as well as from writers, and illustrators like Peter Nelson, Rohitash Rao, and Jeff Mack.


Parental Involvment 

Community is built when all feel welcomed, and Gillispie appreciates its partnership with parents. Whether as hot-lunch servers, Room Parent coordinators, or volunteers for beloved celebrations like International Day or Art Day, parents’ contributions of time and skill make Gillispie a home away from home.


After-School Enrichments

After-school, fee-based enrichments are ways to extend children’s learning. Each trimester, children select from a wide array of choices that sharpen physical skills, hone emerging talents, or explore new interests. Drama, chess, dance, soccer, cooking, and robotics are examples of how children explore.


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