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Welcome to Gillispie where childhood is revered!

The years marking early childhood through elementary school are not a stage to be hurried or viewed as a means; it is a uniquely wondrous time. When children come together, ages two to tweens, the ability to invent and envision is magical.

At its core, Gillispie adults and children find joy in learning. Our thinking is made richer by the exchange of ideas, whether written or through dialogue, because we view education as a social construct.

Recognizing that children are naturally creative problem solvers, Gillispie’s Early Childhood program uses a Reggio-inspired approach, and Elementary grade levels apply well-researched programs and strategies that allow students to move past the “How?” to get to the “Why?” At Gillispie, academic rigor is defined by work that demands independent, higher level thinking.

The investment in these early years is foundational. How will children perceive learning going forward? Is it joyous or tedious? Are students actively or passively engaged? At a pivotal juncture in these children’s lives, we revere a child’s right to “Ah-ha!” moments and nurture their belief that they can courageously navigate the unknown.




Alison Fleming
Head of School

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