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Digital Citizenship Week 

Digital Citizenship Week 

During our week-long celebration of Digital Citizenship, students connected the Gillispie ICARE Values with their technology experiences. Our main focus was on the letter A for Attitude, where we recognize that we have the power within us to overcome challenges. The Second Graders helped all of us learn how to keep calm, even when technology gets frustrating. Through videos, the Second Graders helped us to understand the Emotional Zones of Regulation and shared with us techniques for moving from the red, yellow, or blue zones of emotion, to the green zone, which is the best one to be in for learning.

In addition to learning about the Zones, the 5th and 6th graders have been talking about how to be an Upstander to cyberbullying. Referring to the Stop Bullying Campaign, they learned about what constitutes cyberbullying, what to do if they are the target of it, and how to support someone who is being bullied. As parents, you can help support your child’s efforts against cyberbullying. Learn more at Digital Awareness for Parents.

Lisa Waters, Director of Technology

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