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Promoting Healthy Eating Habits

Our recent Early Childhood Parent Coffee featured a panel discussion about child nutrition, spurring a healthy ongoing conversation among parents. The speakers on the panel consisted of current Gillispie parents with backgrounds in nutrition, cooking, and treating eating disorders. A few key phrases that came up:

“You provide, they decide.”
“Don’t yuck my yum!”
“Food is neutral.”

Some interesting take-aways include the following tips:

  • Include kids in the process of making a meal. Include them in grocery shopping, food preparation, and cooking.
  • Use glass containers to store pantry items, taking away the brand messaging that can influence young eating habits.
  • When introducing a new food, offer a small taste and include several familiar foods at the same time.
  • Cook with broth (veggie or protein) instead of water to add nutrients to any dish. For example, cook pasta in chicken broth.
  • Puree steamed cauliflower (drain after pureeing) and add to recipes such as sauces.

Many families go to a farmers market together on the weekends, allowing for kids to see and touch different foods. It is also a great opportunity to chat with the farmers and learn about how food is grown.

Here are some articles to learn more:

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Dr. Mindy Coates Smith
Director of Early Childhood

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