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grade 6 student painting

Specialty Spotlight: Art

Grade 6 students have been working on finishing their nichos in art class! The nicho is a traditional Latin American art form that uses a three-dimensional or recessed display box as a portable shrine to an important figure or loved one.

Timed to celebrate and honor El Dia de los Muertos, each student’s creation commemorates a creative individual, from traditional painters like Michelangelo, to contemporary artists like Banksy. There is a  wide diversity of artists chosen by our students – sculptors, painters, cartoonists, site-specific creators, anime cartoonists, expressionists, impressionists, abstractionists, surrealists, realists, and pop artists.

This project was cross-disciplinary and not only involved art class, but science and design, Spanish, and technology. According to the 6th graders, learning about these artists from “so many angles” made them really come to life, and made for a truly memorable experience.

Susan Walters, Art Teacher

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