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Grade 4 Visits Feeding San Diego

Recently, Grade 4 students visited the Feeding San Diego food bank.

During their time at the food bank, they worked as volunteers, both sorting and packing kiwi. They also learned more about the organization as well as the people of San Diego Country that it serves.

The two classes packed 1,900 pounds of kiwi, which will be distributed to families at three local schools. That is a total of 450 bags!

A few remarks from our students regarding their experience:

“It was so exciting to see the process of working together – digging through the produce, weighing it, and then counting the bags!” – Braden

“I can’t believe that all it took was 2 hours to do all that great work. It makes me think that if I did that more – or even went for 4 hours one day – how much I could do for those in need!” – Dahlia

“Hundreds of people are suffering from hunger and I helped them.” – Alex

“You don’t even notice you are helping people while you are working, but you really are.” – Stella

Students in Grade 4 are organizing a food drive from now until November 15 to collect canned goods for Feeding San Diego.


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