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New Staff Spotlight: Sarah Swasey

Meet Sarah Swasey, our new Advancement Associate, in our latest community blog post!


What was it about Gillispie that made you want to work here?

The upbeat campus environment was a huge draw for me! Coming from the sometimes-lackluster government contracting world, I was excited to work in a creative and inspiring setting on a cause as important as childhood education. Gillispie’s staff and students are just what I needed to brighten my days!


What is your favorite thing/hobby to do outside of school?

I love taking my dogs to the beach – they love the water as much as I do!


What is something interesting about you that the Gillispie community wouldn’t know?

After meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my new co-worker and Gillispie’s Marketing Lead Brittany Kaszas and I are going on our 10th year of a wonderful friendship! I am excited to work alongside her and the rest of the amazing Gillispie School team!

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