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Some News About Two Special Teachers

With bittersweetness, admiration, and respect, I announce that two incredibly accomplished and dedicated educators will be leaving at the end of this school year. Linda Jacobs, who has lovingly instructed our students for the past 29 years in music, and Laura Moore, who in her twelve years has nimbly taught elementary students library, technology, and media literacy skills, have big plans as they head into their future.

These two women have been bedrocks in their areas of expertise. Mrs. Jacob’s is our longest tenured teacher and she has devoted her professional life to advancing our music program both vocally and instrumentally. She possesses the rare gift of relating to our toddlers as well as our sixth graders. Linda has her daughter’s summer wedding to help plan and looks forward to seeing her father in Michigan more frequently. Ms. Moore has been the force behind the development of our technology program. She has been a true integrationist, working with faculty at all grade levels to take projects to another level through the use of technological tools. Possessing a sense of wanderlust, traveling is high on her agenda, including fishing and camping trips. Please do not be surprised if you see either woman next year at Gillispie because they have graciously agreed to come to campus as substitute teachers. I think they have no idea how busy that will make them!

Both teachers will be speaking to the students about their plans in classes next week, so please allow them the time to communicate their news with the students. On Thursday, May 23, join us at the end of the school day for a small ceremony thanking these two remarkable women.

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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