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Rosewood Lemonade Stand

During an exploration of the Sustainable Garden with Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Brady, children in Rosewood Room noticed that the lemon tree was full of fruit and decided to pick a few to bring back to class.

At first, they used the lemons as a provocation for observational drawings with dry and oil pastels, but soon, talk of lemonade began.

Excited about the idea of making the refreshing drink, the students decided they would open a stand. Together, they discussed what they would need.

James – “We need lemons!”

Daniel – “And ice!”

Stewart – “Ice turns into water, you know!”

Vivienne – “We need sugar too.”

James – “The sign should say LEMONADE FOR SALE.”

After gathering the ingredients needed to make their juice, borrowing a juicer from the Willow Room teachers, and decorating the stand with their handmade signs, they were ready to open for business!

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