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Visiting Speaker Discusses Human Rights

The sixth-grade class recently hosted an expert speaker for a conversation about their Big Project on human rights.

They spoke with Jaime Todd-Gher, a lawyer for Amnesty International USA, whose work focuses on human rights violations. The students read and discussed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted in the wake of the Holocaust.

The students had recently visited the Museum of Tolerance in order to better understand the Holocaust and events around the Civil Rights Movement.

Sixth Graders have been sharing current events related to human rights issues, such as the Syrian refugee crisis, as part of their Big Project process this year.

Eager to learn, students peppered Ms. Todd-Gher with questions about her work and delved into some controversial current issues, such as gun violence and immigration. Sixth-grader Jonathan P. asked, “What can we do?”

The response from Ms. Todd-Gher? “Be kind and speak out.” She left the sixth graders with three important messages: “Every person has human rights, you matter, and you can make a difference.”


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