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Let’s Get Physical!

Our students are tumbling, kicking, spiking, and throwing with FULL FORCE thanks to an incredibly generous gift from the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation!

A long-time supporter of Gillispie, the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation was founded by its namesake, an American journalist and philanthropist. In her lifetime, Ellen Browning Scripps gave most of her vast fortune away, and through her foundation, her legacy is felt to this day.

“The most important and beautiful gift one human being can give to another is, in some way, to make life a little better to live.” —Ellen Browning Scripps, 1924

We are honored to once again be the lucky recipients of this important foundation’s resources.

This year, the grant has made possible:

• Safety nets: Nets to enclose the field have been installed to allow students to practice skills (such as kicking, throwing, and striking balls) at full speed and power while keeping the equipment contained to the field. Previously, movement was restrained to avoid balls flying into the Science and Atelier area.

• Volleyball pole padding: Adding padding around the volleyball poles has allowed students to play “full out” without the worry of injury.

• Gym mats: New folding mats for Physical Education classes were needed to replace mats that were more than 10 years old and deteriorating. Used for tumbling, yoga, obstacle courses, and beneath the climbing wall, these important tools are utilized by every student at Gillispie.

We are so grateful to the Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation and Doug Dawson for stewarding this investment in each and every Gillispie student!

Jill McIntyre Kelly
Director of Advancement & Community Relations

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