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Welcome Back to Campus!

Hello Gillipsie Families,

It has been a terrific start to the year! With each passing day since our opening, I hear and watch the children becoming more and more comfortable in their surroundings. There is nothing in this world like the laughter (and even arguing) of children as they make their way through the day. Early childhood students came to campus last week and were joined by kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders this week. Next week for full days, we will welcome third graders on Monday, fourth graders on Tuesday, and fifth and sixth graders on Wednesday.

What have we learned thus far?

  • Children can adjust quickly to wearing masks and still express themselves mightily and socialize meaningfully with their classmates and teachers.
  • Outdoor classrooms are fabulous. Early childhood teachers and students have always known this, but elementary classroom and specialty teachers as well as children are reaping the benefits of these new environments.
  • Parents are remarkable in making adjustments themselves as they work through new procedures like drop-off and pick-up protocols. Thank you for your growth mindset.

As a reminder, Gillispie’s virtual Back to School Night is September 23, and our virtual Grades 3-6 Parent Check-In Meeting is on September 16.

Happy New Year!

Alison Fleming, Head of School

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