7380 Girard Avenue, La Jolla

Gillispie School / Sandbox

As part of the 6th-grade social studies curriculum, students studied the timeline of early human history and the features and capabilities of various hominid groups. They also learned about ancient Egypt, focusing on geography, social classes, certain pharaohs, and the process of mummification. In Science and Design, students learned about human ancestors, specifically, the changing structure of the skull over time. Students created vacuumed formed skull profiles and then reverse-painted and labeled distinct anatomical features. In art class,...

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Gillispie parent, Justin Nadi, we have more cooking spices and baking decorations than we could have ever imagined! And they are beautifully branded with the Gillispie logo. Gillispie students are now cooking and baking out of The Sandbox Kitchen, (and loving it!), and how wonderful that we have so many herbs, spices, and spinkles to choose from. It's smelling good in here...

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