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To help children practice the design-thinking process, teachers have been engaging their classes in short collaborative projects. One of these projects involved the Kindergartners and third graders working together to get Billy Goat Gruffs across the bridge. Kindergarten students have been reading old storybook favorites during Readers Workshop, including the classic, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Teachers presented the Kindergartners and their Grade 3 book buddies with a design challenge: create a way to get the three billy goats in...

Values and Community  This year, students in Juniper Room are book buddies with Mrs. Stolzenbach's 2nd grade class. Every six school days, the children will meet for 20 minutes outside on the grassy hill to read stories together. The book buddy program is a wonderful way to promote cross-collaboration and build community among different age groups on campus. We have noticed that the Preschool students tend to look up to the older children, while their older peers take pride in...

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