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Specialty Spotlight: Art

Students are settling into the Art Bungalow nicely. Here are some of the current projects they have enjoyed:

Kindergarten: Leaf prints on abstract watercolors

First Grade: Oil Pastel watercolor-resist colorful turkeys

Second Grade: A collaborative “Peaceable Kingdom” mural after looking at and discussing Edward Hicks’ (1780-1849) “Peaceable Kingdom” paintings

Third Grade: Abstract glue and pastel faces inspired by looking at contemporary artist Sondra Silberzweig’s artwork

Fourth Grade: Cleaning out and preparing gourds for embellishment after discussing California Native Americans’ use of gourds.

Fifth Grade: Making and using quill pens to write letters in conjunction with their social studies unit on North American Explorers

Sixth Grade: Styrofoam print mandalas created in conjunction with their upcoming social studies unit on the ancient culture of India

Susan Walters, Art Teacher

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