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Our Newest Members of Ms. Cohn’s Grade 4 Class

We’d like to welcome the three newest members of Ms. Cohn’s Grade 4 class: Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and Pudding Pie!

As you may have guessed, these three little cuties aren’t students—they’re guinea pigs from the San Diego Humane Society!

The Grade 4 students are fostering these little friends while they wait to find permanent homes. A representative for the Humane Society came to campus last week to teach the students how to care for their temporary class pets.

Students have already shown how serious they are about their new responsibilities by breaking the tasks up into teams of Clean-Up Crew Members, P.E. Coaches, Expert Cuddlers, and Food Servers.

We are all very excited to have our new friends on campus.

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