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Young Gillispie Artists Thrive in New, “Old” Art Bungalow

Have you heard the exciting news? Gillispie’s Art Room has moved to The Art Bungalow on Fay Avenue. We are loving this new, old space! Built in 1910, the Craftsman-style bungalow is inspiring Gillispie artists with its historic charm and beautiful front garden. Students have been working in their new sketchbooks “en plein air” these past few weeks— even during a passing rain shower!

In the kindergarten classes, we learned that Leonardo Da Vinci, at age six, would go outside to sketch birds, plants, water, rocks, and trees. Later in life, he frequently returned to these childhood drawings for inspiration for his many brilliant inventions. His amazing designs for some of the first flying machines were the result of intense observation of birds in flight and then drawing the birds’ graceful movements. Moreover, Da Vinci’s famous depictions of angels were taken from his early studies of bird wings.

Please come and visit us in The Art Bungalow anytime. Perhaps you, too, would like to join us as we step out of the bungalow to sketch the garden’s flora and fauna. Truly a feast for our “thinking eyes”!

Susan Walters, Art Teacher

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