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What’s Happening in Science?

Grades 3-6 science students are deep into investigations of different kinds!

3rd graders are finishing up their close look into optics and vision by studying energy waves, which will serve as a transition into their next major topic, sound energy.

To culminate our study of electrical circuits, 4th graders are making their own, functioning electric motors from scratch.

As we begin to learn about the structure of atoms, 5th graders choose an element and make a model of it from beads and wire. Ask your 5th grader what element they chose and what its atomic number is!

While 6th graders were learning about ancient Egypt with Mrs. Long, they were also making miniature mummies and sarcophagi in science. The assignment involved programming a Micro:bit microprocessor to operate the lid and allow the mummy to emerge. The students had to learn the programming language and how to think in terms of inputs and outputs, as well as wrestling with the deceptively challenging mechanics of getting a servo to do what you want!

Chip Edwards, Grades 3-6 Science Teacher

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