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Gillispie School

Travel Guidance: Updated 1/28/21

With families making potential plans for travel over the Presidents’ Day extended weekend, we are reviewing our guidance because it’s considered a high-risk activity by the State and County.

If your family is traveling greater than 120 miles from home, the student needs to quarantine upon return to their place of residence in San Diego for 10 days before returning to Gillispie. If they get tested on Day 7 of that quarantine and the PCR test result is negative and they are asymptomatic, they can return to campus. The day the student gets home to San Diego is Day 0. Once the student is in quarantine at home, he or she may join the online learning program. If a family elects not to have their son or daughter tested, the child must remain quarantined for the full 10 days after returning to San Diego.

Please let your child’s teacher(s) know if your family is traveling out of state, country, or farther than 120 miles from home so that we can calculate the return date to school and arrange for online learning until coming back.

To clarify, online learning at Gillispie is only for students who: 

  • are either at home by choice full time or
  • need to quarantine because of an exposure risk (including travel) or illness due to Covid-19.

Please note: If a student is absent from class while traveling, the School treats it as a standard planned absence and would send missed work for the child to complete on his or her own.

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