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The Thinking Eye Glances Back – Grade 3 Art Reports

What do the bold flower paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, the slashing drips of Jackson Pollack, the enigmatic smile of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and the melting clocks of Salvador Dali have in common? Gillispie students! These artists were chosen by our third grade students for their artist biography projects this year.

Each year in the art room, third graders select an artist, read a book about their chosen person, write a short report, create an artwork inspired by their artist at home, and present their work to their classmates in a special celebratory art class.

This co-curricular activity includes a written component which is guided by their classroom teachers. While including biographical facts and historical context, the main questions answered are “ Why do people still want to look at your artist’s work even if the art is 500 years old? What do you find important about your artist’s work?

While each student learns about their artist, they also learn about their classmates’ artists through the class presentations.

This project sharpens visual, language, critical thinking, artistic, and public speaking skills. It broadens students’ perspective and appreciation of the diverse ways artists have expressed the human experience throughout the ages.

Susan Walters
Art Teacher

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