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Tech Apps for Students by Grade Level

Below you will find some of our recommendations for apps that are age-appropriate, COPPA Compliant, and meet our standards for creativity. We have carefully curated these apps based on our own experiences with them and the value for learning we believe they afford.

We also recommend that before you choose an app, game, or show for your child, you visit Common Sense Media’s Parent Tips pages, where they rate shows, games, apps, and much more and give you quick previews and insights into what you can expect.

Apps for Creativity 4-5 years

Apps for Coding 4-5 years

Apps for Active Learning 4-5 years

Apps for Creativity 5-7 years

Apps for Coding 5-7 years

Apps for Active Learning 5-7 years

Apps for Creativity 8-11 years

Apps for Coding 8-11 years

Apps for Active Learning 8-11 years

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