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Students Practicing Kindness Daily

Working on this year’s goal of building empathy, at a recent assembly kindergarteners through second graders discussed the importance of practicing kindness daily. I challenged these children to perform two acts of kindness—one at home and one at school—that were to cost nothing monetarily and where nothing was expected in return. Some heartfelt examples are described below.

One kindergartner explained, “Last night when my brother wasn’t feeling that good, we went to go get ice cream and I let him have 5 bites of mine and I didn’t get any of his,” while another shared, “At the toy store yesterday, I gave my sister the toy I wanted and I picked a different one.”

From first grade: “I played with my sister when she was sad,” and as another student demonstrated, humans don’t only have to be the recipients of kindness: “I opened the door for my dog to let him in and he said, “‘Ruff’! and licked me.”

At home, “I did chores 100 times in one week for my mom and dad,” and at school, “I took my friend to the nurse 9 times.” Curious, I asked this student if he liked numbers—he said yes.

One second grader wrote, “I gave [Student X] my classroom coupon.” This intrigued me so I asked the young man why. He shared that Student X was always good about picking him to be on his kickball team even though he wasn’t very good and he appreciated the gesture. Please understand that these coupons are quite valuable. Experiences could allow the coupon bearer to go shoeless or chew gum in class for a morning. This is a clear example of the adage that one good deed deserves another.

As is always the case, Gillispie children inspire me. Today, I shared a necklace with a friend because I felt she needed a little sparkle in her day. So…what can I do tomorrow?


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