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Specialty Spotlight: Science

Grade 1 started the school year learning about what it means to be a scientist!

Some lessons they have covered include making predictions and observations, enhancing their observation skills by exploring the use of their five senses, and learning how to describe their observations with detail and descriptive vocabulary.

In discussing their five senses, students considered that some people must use certain senses like touch or feeling as opposed to sight or hearing as a way to navigate the world around them.

To explore this further, students used braille samples from signs around the school to practice using their sense of touch. They were put into pairs with one student feeling the covered braille samples while the other helped keep their finger on the sample. They then tried to decode what they felt by using a braille alphabet.

It was a fun and challenging activity that helped students gain empathy for those that have different abilities, while also gaining an appreciation for their ability to use their five senses as they navigate the world around them.

Mr. Belsha, Science & Design Teacher

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