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Sick Policy Update for Elementary Families

Recently, the School sent out a COVID-19 Symptom Decision Tree explaining how the School will handle students and staff who have COVID symptoms. Please read the document closely to see when students must stay home and what conditions they must meet to return to campus.

Students who stay home for fewer than three days will not join online learning cohorts. Please let them rest so that the students’ main focus when they stay home is on getting healthy.

Teachers may provide materials and assignments for students to work on at home if the student is well enough. This information may be communicated through Google Classroom, Seesaw, email, or provided through a quick after-school Google meet.

If students are required to stay home for an extended period of time (greater than 3 days) due to illness or a COVID-related quarantine/isolation, contact your teacher to discuss what materials and information your student will need to join the online learning cohort for your class. This will allow teachers or the online learning coach assigned to the class the opportunity to prepare for the transition.

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