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Prekindergarten Students Explore Coding

Recently, students in Sequoia explored coding using fun, programmable robots called BeeBots. The students delighted in giving the Beebots instructions (code) to get from one end of the mat to the other. They began their coding exploration with simple instructions on how to use the buttons on the backs of their Beebots to code their robots. Then, they explored challenges and tried out different ways to program the bot to reach its destination. Some students even programmed the bots to maneuver backward towards their goals!

These bots are way more than just fun! They also help students to begin building their own computational thinking skills, strategies to solve complex programs, sequence instructions (algorithms), and persevere through longer challenges. Because these bots are hands-on, students can apply their physical understanding of their environment to solve more abstract programs, such as making an object move from one place to the next using code. Beebots are a great way to introduce younger students to the creative world of coding!

Next up, programming the Beebots on an iPad!

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