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Prekindergarten Self-Portraits

For the past few weeks, Prekindergarten students in Juniper Room have been learning about the body and the five senses.

To align with this theme, they worked step-by-step on creating some AMAZING self-portraits!

First, students examined different facial features—the color of the eyes, the shapes of lips, and variations in noses and ears—before choosing those most similar to their own.

Next, they sketched out the shape of their face, neck, hair, and eyebrows to create the base of their portrait, while adding personal details, designs, and colors to their exposed clothing.

Lastly, they discussed their own unique and beautiful skin tones and recreated them by mixing paint colors. The children each labeled their own, unique skin tone with names like “Cinnamon Spicy,” “Gingerbread, and “Marshmallow Frosting.”

This project is always a favorite, and the teachers were stunned by the beautiful results!

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