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Meet our New Prekindergarten Teacher Julianne Argent!

What inspired you to work with kids/become a teacher?

The concept of fun and play inspired me to become a teacher! I’ve been around young children since age 12 when I started babysitting for families in my neighborhood. I’ve always loved kids and their play-based way of thinking, learning, and experiencing life. I worked as an aftercare teacher throughout college, thinking that once I graduated I would need to change gears and pursue a more corporate career. Near the end of college, I realized the hefty importance of enjoying work, and I began to crave a career path full of fun and rewarding experiences. So after college, I didn’t change gears. I became a nanny while continuing to take early childhood courses in order to grow as an educator. Now, I am teaching, learning, playing, and still having so much fun!

What do you love about your job?

I love many aspects of my job! Working with kids fills my days with authenticity and fun. I really love the endless surprises that seem to accompany teaching. Kids at this age are so full of innocence and wonder, which usually brings unexpected questions and curiosities.. you just never know what they’re going to come up with! I am constantly surprised by how often I learn and laugh thanks to my students. I even love how frequently plans don’t go as planned, because it keeps me on my toes. Unexpected teachable moments remind me to remain open-minded and flexible to anything life brings about. I am truly grateful on a daily basis for how fun and rewarding it is to work with kids.


What is your favorite thing/hobby to do outside of school, or something interesting about you?

Being a San Diego native, I am very lucky to have grown up with the ocean as my playground. I love being in the water. Fishing, kayaking, and diving are some of my favorite activities! I frequently spend weekends on the beach in Baja with my friends and family, soaking up the sun and the tacos. On school breaks, I love to travel, try new foods or experiences, and make memories with the ones I love.

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