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Learning Specialists Discuss Storybook Language

One of the fondest memories of childhood for many of us is being read to. Anna’s grandmother was a fantastic reader, and when she came to visit, she always read from a thick leather-bound book of the Grimm’s Fairytales. Not only did the stories become familiar to her grandchildren, but so did their unique language.

“Storybook language,” the language that writers use, differs from the everyday language that we use when we speak with friends, or the more formal language that we use in business, or when conversing with someone we respect a great deal.

Storybook language also differs from the language used in textbooks, newspapers, professional papers, and magazines.

It is interesting to note that studies consistently show that storybook language has been found to hold an important place in children’s development as readers and writers.

Frequent opportunities to hear and enjoy storybook language has been linked to cognitive development, vocabulary development, and increased reading comprehension.

Additionally, storybook language tends to be richer and more descriptive which encourages children to visualize while they listen.  This develops another critical building block for reading acquisition.

Time spent curled up listening to the classics of literature read aloud has been found to have value well beyond the wonderful memories and bonds it creates. With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, find those sweet moments to slow down and relish in the relaxation by curling up by the fire with your child, some hot chocolate, and a good book.

Anna Joslin and Kelsey Gogarty
Gillispie School Learning Specialists


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