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How to Make Boring Lessons History

History class has a bad reputation. Sometimes, it’s well deserved: I remember high school history as a blur of forgettable names, places, and dates.

Today’s history teachers go beyond rote memorization. They teach inquiry, research skills, discussion, and analysis. The best teachers spark student curiosity and ignite a passion for the study of the past.

Mr. Inigo, a master teacher at Gillispie School, wins praise from his students for his memorable history lessons. Occasionally throughout the year, he dresses up to tell the story of history. Characters such as “Paleo” the ancient American and “Harry Vyk” the Viking visit the room, complete with costumes and props. When his former students return to visit, they invariably remember the lessons taught by these characters.

Other ways teachers spice up history class include:

  • Assessing with Socratic Seminars
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Historical Simulations
  • Multi-disciplinary Units

With lessons like these, the next generation of students will not only learn content and skills, but they’ll also name history as one of their favorite subjects.


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