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HoS Update: 4/24/20

Hello Families, 

I hope you are well! A few reminders as we end our week. First, there are no classes or Monday Morning Greeting video slated for April 27 because of teacher/parent conferences taking place. Second, if you were unable to join us live, below are the links to the recorded webinars from this week:

Early Childhood

Kindergarten through Grade 3

Grades 4 through 6

As we discussed in the webinars, we are working to provide opportunities for you to connect with other parents. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this Parent Connection Interest Form.

In the midst of news that is often anxiety-provoking around COVID-19, I wanted to share a couple of positive outcomes from our shelter-at-home status that bolster the spirits.

One parent wrote, “We have accomplished a few things: family meals are together every day, picky eaters have been trying loads of new foods, and little brother is fully potty trained!”

Another described her days at home with her two children as they navigate the complexities of distance learning: “I don’t have a set schedule. If the children are playing doctor or on a walk and it goes on for hours, I just go with it… But we are having lots of fun and learning a little too. My daughter learned fractions today (I have no idea if that’s age-appropriate but it came up and so she understands up to ⅛–cookies and measuring cups are amazing). We’ve been doing a lot of baking, soap making, and lots and lots of art. We got some playground equipment. We are gardening and swimming. The kids have become more independent and I’m happy. I used to have preset and supervised activities for them or else they’d fight or misbehave and now after so many weeks they play and play for hours and talk about inspiring things, just the two of them, and my heart is full (even if exhausted Hahahaha). Some days we walk and find caterpillars and talk about what part of the world is in night time. Anyway, we miss you all terribly.”

Please continue to share good stories like these; the ones that make you chuckle and let us know that we are in this together. I will share some submissions with the children in the next Monday Morning Greeting video on May 4.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Alison Fleming

Head of School

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