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Having Fun with Hour of Code

“This is gonna be great!” 

“Minecraft coding is awesome!”

“CodeCombat is the best!”

These are just some of the enthusiastic comments students have made this week while participating in the Hour of Code.

Throughout the week, students have been using a variety of apps and programming languages during their coding activities.

Our PreK students engaged in “unplugged” activities to learn about how to give computers instructions. They played a variation of “Simon Says” where one student plays the role of the “programmer,” who “programs” the computers (the students). Then, they tried a coding app during centers and heard a story about “How to Code a Sandcastle.”

Our K and Grade 1 students used Kodables, a fun coding app that challenges students to recognize patterns and give instructions to program the characters to collect all the stars as each level gets increasingly challenging. Grade 2 coded in Tynker, a visual programming language that uses blocks to create code. Grades 3 and 4 also engaged in coding challenges using a visual programming language, while 5th and 6th graders met the challenge to code in javascript.

All of our young programmers were fully engaged. As a result, we look forward to continuing our computer programming adventures!

Next week, we will update our Parent Tech Tips page to provide you with links to apps and websites that you and your little coders can consider using over the holidays!

Lisa Waters, Director of Technology

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