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What is the Annual Giving Fund, and why are we asked to contribute when we already pay tuition?

The Annual Giving Fund is money for the School’s current-year operating expenses. Tuition does not cover what it actually costs, per student, to provide a Gillispie School education. Every student at Gillispie is subsidized, even students who do not receive financial assistance. The remaining amount required comes from your giving. Our Annual Giving Fund is designed to help bridge this gap (approximately $2,500 per student) and keep tuition increases down. Unlike tuition, gifts to the Annual Giving Fund are 100% tax-deductible.

Why doesn’t the school charge enough in tuition to cover operating costs?

The School works hard to offer an education of the highest quality to its students. If tuition were raised to cover operating costs, a Gillispie education would become unattainable for many families.

Do other independent schools have an Annual Giving Fund?

Yes, the Annual Giving Fund is not unique to Gillispie School. Independent schools all over the country fundraise to bridge this gap.

Who is asked to support the Annual Giving Fund at Gillispie School?

Gillispie is a pacesetter in the arena of participation for this yearly campaign. We are proud to have achieved a 100% record of participation from our Board of Trustees and the entire parent body for fourteen consecutive years. In addition, grandparents, alumni, community friends, and staff and faculty contribute significantly to the total income.

How much should I give?

The amount is personal to your financial situation, but we do ask our families to make Gillispie their philanthropic priority.

A gift of $2,500 per child covers the “gap” between what it costs to educate each student and what is covered by tuition. Gifts beyond $2,500 per child help bridge the gap for families that cannot afford to contribute the gap amount, and fund “big picture” improvements at the School. Gifts of ANY size are honored and appreciated.

Best of all, unlike tuition, your gift is completely tax-deductible, and you have all school year to pay.

How many times will I be asked to give?

Families are asked to support Gillispie twice a year. First, during the Annual Giving Drive, which runs October – November, each family is asked to make a gift. We seek 100% participation.

In the second half of the year, families are asked to support the Annual Gala. Underwriting gifts, auction donations, corporate support, ticket sales, as well as purchasing items in the online and live auctions, raise essential funds for the School.

I want to maximize my gift to the School by getting involved in the Annual Giving Drive – how can I help?

Email Jill McIntyre Kelly at [email protected] Volunteers team up with the Advancement Office to encourage parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni and friends to support the School. This is a fantastic way to give back to Gillispie – with your time and energy!