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Gillispie Values Build Community

Recently, we had our first elementary assemblies and the focus was on Gillispie Values. During both large-group, then small-group discussions, students provided excellent definitions and examples of how integrity, compassion, attitude, respect, and effort can look on the playground, at the lunch table, in the classroom, and even off campus. Particularly impressive was the newly-minted kindergarteners’ understanding of the Gillispie Values.

Some thoughts shared (in the words of the children):

• When you don’t complete an assignment, don’t make excuses, don’t blame the dog, and don’t look at another student’s paper.
• If you’ve broken it or said something unkind, take responsibility and admit to it.

• Include everyone, even if they aren’t the best player.
• Be encouraging when someone is having bad day.

• Be a good winner and loser in sports and games.
• Don’t complain every 10 seconds.
• When a teacher says do it, do it!

• No bad language or name calling!
• Don’t interrupt the teachers, talk to other students when the teacher is talking, and, of course, don’t yell at teachers!

• When something is hard or new, try it.
• Work through frustration even if it is a hard math problem.
• Stay positive even when you’re totally frustrated.

When we asked students why Gillispie bothered having these values, the students recognized that it wasn’t just about rule following, but it was about building a community where we care (as in ICARE) for each other and hold ourselves to a higher standard. With the start of a new year, it is good sense to review the Gillispie Values at home. Ask your children about their conversations at assembly to help solidify concepts. This consistency will make it possible for them to move from words to actions!

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