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Gillispie Community Packs Over 50,000 Meals for Those in Need!

At last week’s assembly, representatives from Friends and Families Community Connection educated the elementary students about the organization and what to expect at the upcoming Fight for Hunger event.

The goal? If successful, 50,000 meals would materialize.

How? Bags would be filled to contain 6 meals each, and with 36 bags placed in each box, volunteers would need to pack 232 boxes.

“Whoa!” noted the students.“That’s a lot of math.” And in just over two hours, 51,840 meals were assembled with the enthusiasm and energy that only children caught up in a moment can muster.

A wonderful outcome was that students witnessed the ripple effect of their actions.

The event required an outlay of cash to pay for materials, and again, the students rose to the occasion. At a steady pace, the cardboard barometer in the Lobby reached $6,005, which was completely unexpected. I thank the students for their entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity.

Over the past month, students took on chores at home, dug for coins in car consoles and living room sofas, collected lucky pennies found on walks, and gave piggy banks a “shakedown.” Some students asked for donations for the Fight for Hunger event and thanked neighborhood donors with lemonade, various baked goods, and handmade bracelets. A group of self-starters ranging from kindergarten to third grade collected and cleaned used cleats, and sold them to an athletic retail store. Ripple effect? Unknown young athletes have a source for affordable cleats.

What an incredibly rewarding, hands-on experience that changed our children’s perspectives and showed students what it takes to be global citizens caring for the world!

We are also grateful for the Lane family for bringing this idea to us, and to all the parents, grandparents, students, staff, faculty, and community members who volunteered to help provide food to those in need.

With a full heart,

Alison Fleming
Head of School

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