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Game On!

I wish each of you family time and lots of “game-on” fun as we head into the Holiday Break.

Below are resources shared by parents at our Early Childhood and Elementary check-ins. Some of these bring out the competitive edge while others require a team effort (for example, see games by Peaceable Kingdom).

In addition to your great suggestions, our fifth and sixth graders, as our on-campus experts, added a few of their favorites.

Besides their choices listed below, they also advised that pillow fights (I am not suggesting this), long hikes, and throwing toys to pets are fun options. They gave a nod to shuffleboard and darts if space is available. And ping pong? No need for a large table–just play against an outside wall of the house.

Finally, a prekindergartener noted a couple of rounds of hide and seek, indoors or outdoors, is a sure bet!

Keep it light and keep it fun!

Merry, merry

Alison Fleming, Head of School

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