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Honoring our Mission While Staying Safe

Given these unprecedented times created by COVID-19, it is important to keep our priorities in the forefront. At Gillispie, we recognize that our program must honor our mission in creating a learning environment that serves as a “springboard for children’s love of learning, creativity, and readiness for the future.” We believe in a participatory, hands-on, active approach. For a safe re-opening of our campus in September 2020, we took great care in designing a setting that is physically and emotionally healthy for students, teachers, and staff. However, we must commit to changing course as circumstances change to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Communication with our families in these areas is critical to sustaining our sense of community.


COVID Protocols for 2022-2023

Gillispie has posted a new COVID protocols document. This document is based on CDPH’s COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools to Support Safe In-Person Learning, 2022-2023 School Year, as well as the relevant Childcare guidance from San Diego County. Because COVID-19 conditions can shift rapidly, the plan is subject to change based on recommendations or regulations made by CDPH, San Diego education and health agencies, and CDC. Gillispie will remain nimble and responsive to dynamic challenges.  

The protocols are intended to support safe, in-person learning at Gillispie School and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. These disease management strategies are guided by the principle that safe, in-person learning is critical to student well-being and development.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, we have learned methods and gained tools to decrease its impact on our health and well-being by being adaptive to changing conditions. Additionally, many of the strategies used to address COVID-19 can protect school communities from other diseases and support healthy learning environments.  


  • Alison Fleming, Head of School
  • Carol Baranowski, Director of Finance
  • Lisa Hasler Waters, Director of Technology
  • Jon Bluestein, Assistant Head of School
  • Debbie Rodriguez, Director of Advancement
  • Mindy Smith, Director of Early Childhood

Gillispie’s COVID-19 Task Force is comprised of our six administrators. This group meets virtually on a daily basis and consults with Gillispie’s Communications Lead, School Nurse, Board of Trustees, and legal and medical specialists as needed. Each administrator has his/her own responsibilities in making sure we are abreast of new information from agencies, professional associations, and educational sources to formulate and execute next steps. In addition, our Director of Facilities is working in coordination with the School’s professional cleaning team to ensure that we have a clean and well-maintained campus for our return.


Please contact our office immediately should you or a family member have symptoms, test positive, suspect exposure, are in self-quarantine due to exposure, or been quarantined by the health department or your place of employment for COVID-19. Thank you and be well.

[email protected] | 858-459-3773

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