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Cartoonist Steve Breen Visits Gillispie

Pulitzer Prize-winning Editorial Cartoonist from The San Diego Union-Tribune and children’s book author, Steve Breen visited students Grade 2-6 for an assembly recently.

Mr. Breen explained the difference between editorial cartooning and other types of cartoon drawing and took students through his daily process. He described how he begins with researching current events, moves to formulating ideas that either take a position on an issue, pay tribute to an individual or event, or poke fun at public figures, and then sketches his idea for his editor to see. He does this over 250 days a year!

Mr. Breen also told stories of his work on his picture books, which are popular in our own Gillispie library, his upcoming animated television show, and his dedication to supporting homeless people in San Diego.

Our students were entertained by his humorous drawings and inspired by the passion and creativity he shows in his work.

About Gillispie School: We are an independent toddler through Grade 6 school in La Jolla, CA. We believe that learning is a journey in which children are active participants. Our students partner with teachers to further their academic, creative, and social growth, and we balance a child-centered approach that does not rush childhood with well-researched academic programs that demand higher-level thinking. Click here to learn more about our school.

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