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After-school Fall Enrichment classes are off to a great start!

In Ms. Leard’s Builders Club, architects each got a tray of Legos and were challenged to use all the Legos to create a structure. These junior builders then presented their designs to other club members. Who knows what next week’s challenge will bring!

In Ms. Boisnard’s Stupendous STEM, students read Iggy Peck, Architect, which described a broken bridge and how a little boy, Iggy Peck, repaired it. Children then constructed their own bridges and challenged themselves by testing if their bridges could hold 5 erasers without collapsing.

In Ms. Knight’s Flavors Around the World – A Culinary Workshop, students learned about the Māori people of New Zealand and prepared Māori bread volcanoes. While they were waiting on their culinary masterpieces, they also learned about volcanoes and the Haka dance. Thumbs up to a super fun class!

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