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Kindergarteners’ Persuasive Writing Wins Over Head of School

Recently, our head of school found a large note on her door that read:

Dear Ms. Fleming,

Can we wear Valentine’s Day clothes or hearts, please? We want to look fancy and cool and festive. The party is special and we want the same colors as Valentine’s Day so we match.

Can we do this, please, on February 13 even though Valentine’s Day is February 14?

Room 18

The Kindergarten students had written and left the note with the simple ask of wearing non-uniform, Valentine’s Day-themed attire to their party next week.

While the team scored points for their earnestness, their persuasive writing is what won Ms. Fleming over. They politely stated what they were asking for, gave reasoning for why they wanted it, and fully acknowledged that the date of the party is not on the actual holiday.

Ms. Fleming visited the Room 18 students to discuss their note and let them know that because of their convincing, respectful argument, their request was approved! Most gratifying to Ms. Fleming was that though she knew the power of Lucy Calkins’ Writing Workshop in crafting a well-structured, logical argument, it was much more impressive to see the practical application in making a “heart”-felt request.

These students are truly showing their skills in making effective calls to action at a young age, and we are happy to see it.


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