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Grade 1 Students Learn by Doing

In Science, Grade 1 students are learning about mimicry: how animals can resemble another poisonous animal (i.e. with colors and patterns) to scare their predators away.

In an experiment, students had the opportunity to become the predator and make a choice based on what a drink looked like.

The students tried two different liquids that looked exactly the same (clear and bubbly). One tasted good (sweet) and the other one tasted bad (sour).

They were then provided two more cups: one with a clear liquid and one with a red liquid. They had to make the decision if they were going to pick the clear one where they had a 50/50 chance of it tasting bad, or if they were going to be brave and try a different one, in the hopes that it would taste good.

This helped the students understand the decisions that predators have to make when they are deciding which animals are safe to eat, and which aren’t.

This is a great example of the hands-on approach that students respond to, and we love seeing children learn by DOING!

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