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Project-Based Learning Across Disciplines

This is a great example of the type of project-based learning across disciplines that helps students further deepen their understanding of the curriculum!

As an Art, Science, and Technology cross-study, Grade 6 partners have been creating their own topographical maps of an imaginary island.

In Art class, the students hand-shaped their island out of clay and included eight real geographical features such as a waterfall, mountain, sandbar, etc.

Once their clay models were finished, the students sliced the models, decided how much altitude each slice represented to create scale, and traced each piece to create a topographical map.

During Science class, the students used their clay models to create a relief map using the vacuum forming machine, and their topographic maps to render and print their designs with the 3D printer.

With their imaginary islands materialized, students will use Google Map tools to locate and document ”real-world” examples of their islands’ geographical features during Technology class.

Project-based learning in three specialty classes all surrounding the study of topography and cartography!


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